What others say about Shasta

"Shasta is an event that I try to attend any year I can. In my life, it is a place where people come together in the name of learning and goodness. Each time I leave Shasta I have a bunch of things I'm excited about working on, which is a really positive thing. In that way, Shasta helps to keep me moving forward, and connects me with people who end up being meaningful in my life."  -Paul Kowert  (2017)


The Shasta Music Summit has given me some of the most extraordinary musical experiences of my life. The depth of musical teaching expressed at camp is jaw-dropping. The care that is put into every detail of camp is staggering, from the hand-ground grain for morning pancakes to the incredibly personalized daily schedule featuring every single participant's name, placed carefully on it. The talent and thoughtfulness are all presented within an immensely supportive community of friends. A week at Shasta is an inspiring and life-changing experience. I count myself so fortunate to have experienced this treasure.  -Adam Agee  (2017)


"Shasta Music Summit drastically changed my life for the better. It is a challenging yet nurturing environment that I would recommend to anyone interested in a life driven by a passion for music and development of their craft. I'm thankful everyday for having stumbled into this wonderful community and I look forward to many wonderful Shasta camps to come."  -Jordan Tice  (2017)


"Shasta is one of the most special places for musical learning. It is one of a kind in its high level of education and knowledge-sharing across all ages and genres. It opens the minds of everyone present and brings them all together in an exciting environment where everyone feels safe to explore new musical territory, and to have fun while doing that." -Brittany Haas  (2017)


Shasta Fiddle Summit is the most unique, vibrant and supportive instructional music/life community of people that I've come across. It's unique in that it is geared toward supporting young musicians who have great potential. Most of the students are invited to come because their natural talent has been recognized by either Tristan or Tashina Claridge. It is their mission to provide an in depth opportunity to study with great teachers in all aspects of learning music.

Much of the camp work and food preparation is done by the parents of students and the students. Consciously sourced healthy food is offered. Students help prepare, set-up and clean-up giving the students a rounded experience.  I have seen so many of the young people blossom into their own music life because of their years at the Summit. Some return as teachers, others have vibrant teaching and touring careers. The Shasta Music Summit leaders have found a brilliant way to forward the support they received when they were starting in music. They continually look for ways to improve and enliven the camp experience at Shasta. They are extremely steadfast in their commitment to their vision.

-Meredith McIntosh  (2017)

"Mt Shasta Camp is one of the most revolutionary social experiments of our time. During one week of camp in idyllic Mount Shasta California: peasants become royalty while the shattered and broken kings of men survey their fallen empires; tectonic plates shift and through the process of subduction create new mountain ranges as well as suboceanic trenches; man enters the stone age and begins fashioning primitive tools for himself. All in all, you don’t need meat to make a top notch taco."  -Jordan Tice (2007)



Tim O'Brien - vocals / songwriting / fiddle
Kala Ramnath - Indian violin - premier Indian violin virtuoso..
Jody Stecher - Voice, old-time - a national treasure of musical wisdom.
Edgar Meyer - composition (guest appearance)
Maeve Gilchrist - harp/voice/composition
Darol Anger - fiddle / composition - he's a regular..
Paul Brown (renowned NPR host) - Appalachian music/history/song
Roy "Futureman" Wooten - rhythm, composition, resonance, frequency...
Daniel Clarke - Piano/jazz
Dan Trueman - composition/norwegian music/counterpoint
Members of Punch Brothers:
Chris Eldridge - bluegrass/new acoustic guitar
Paul Kowert - bass
Noam Pikelny - banjo
Dave Cory - irish tenor banjo
Roger Tallroth (of Vasen) - Swedish music/composition
Members of Old School Freight Train:
Jesse Harper - voice/songwriting/pop guitar
Ben Krakauer - banjo/jazz/traditional Bengali music
Nate Leath - bluegrass fiddle
Pete Frostic - mandolin
Nick Falk - percussion/jazz
Darrell Muller - bass
Duncan Wickel - irish/jazz/new acoustic fiddle
Nic Gareiss - percussive dance
Abigail Washburn - voice/songwriting
Ty Burhoe - Tabla/indian music - Zakir Hussain's longtime pupil.
Jefferson Hamer - voice/ballads
Laurie Lewis - bluegrass voice/songwriting/fiddle
Tom Rozum - folk/country/bluegrass voice/mandolin
Bruce Molsky - Appalachian music
John Herrmann & Chicken Train - Appalachian music
Rushad Eggleston - cello/general spontaneity
Brittany Haas - Appalachian/new acoustic fiddle
Natalie Haas - cello
Jeremy Kittel - irish/scottish/jazz fiddle
Simon Chrisman - hammer dulcimer/rhythm/composition
David Grier - guitar/bluegrass
Mike Compton - bluegrass/oldtime mandolin
Mark Schatz - bass/tunewriting
Billy Contreras - jazz violin
Scott Nygaard - guitar/composition
Mollie O'Brien and Rich Moore - voice/guitar
David Keenan - country/voice/swing
Scott Law - voice/guitar
Bridget Kearney - bass
Adam Larrabee - banjo/jazz/music theory
Mike Block - cello
Hanneke Cassel - Scottish fiddle
Dominick Leslie - mandolin
Michael Witcher - dobro
Luke Price - Texas style fiddling
Matt Hartz - Texas style fiddling
Alex Hargreaves - new acoustic/jazz fiddle


If you are interested in taking part in community music classes, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . These classes take place in Mt Shasta, CA.  A variety of styles are offered, at a variety of skill levels.  If you're interested in participating, please email the following materials to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- A description of your musical interests, and background.

- A recording and/or link to a video of your playing

This is not an audition.  It's just to help us know how we can best help you, musically.

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